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Never more scared to face the morning

but I'm not afraid to fall in love...

16 June
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Hey guys... I'm sick of my old journal's name so i'm tranfering over everything to here... its gonna take a while so be patient with me pwease!! =0D in the mean time:

Scream it: Nicole Marie
Whisper it: Nikki, Nik Nik, Nee Nee, Nikita, Nikksta, N2, Sleeping Beautiful, Princess Happyface, Shelli, Shell Bell, Retard, Brat, Nikkeroni, Nikita Chikita, Shellmister, KiKi... sad part is i answer to all of them...
Representin: Milwaukee, WI
Sent from heaven on: June 16th
Candles on my cake: 16
Sees world thru: Green eyes
Runs fingers thru: Light Brown Hair
Rises to: 5'5'' (almost)
Holez: 3 in both ears, left cartilage, belly button
Gimme gimme: Boys, lip gloss, movies, singing, dancing, partying, acting, being a dork, laughing, making other people laugh, harry potter, roller coasters, hanging with friends, watching movies, sleeping, playing piano and guitar
Take it away: being sick, barfing or seeing people do it, hatred, boredness, liars, people who think they're the shit, people who think they are God's gift to the world, people who try to push stuff on you, Wisconsin's annoying weather, cheese, milk... more that i'm too lazy to type lol

current favorite song(s): Careful- Guster, Without You- Exit, & Given- Exit
other songs up towards the top of my list: all other exit songs, Something to sleep to- Michelle Branch, Figured you out- Nickelback, Feelin way too damn good- Nickelback, Enter Sandman- Metallica, Bawitabaw- Kid Rock, Devil Without A Cause- Kid Rock (just because of Joe C's part haahah), Desperado- Eagles, Cryin- Aerosmith, Crazy- Aerosmith... more...

in love

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exit is love
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john williams is love
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ryan mcintyre is love
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craig walkner is love
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mike mann is love
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Dom is Love *hump hump*.

i heart my bestest friend <3